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Teddy Bear Fight

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9th July 2005


I've suddenly decided to change the rules of this community. One my still throw teddy bears, but that cannot be all one does in a post. Discussion of teddybear fights and related information must accompany the post. Violators will be warned and may be banned at my discretion.

26th October 2004

bardicladymuse6:16pm: about b4bym0535.exe
BAH! *throws gigundous teddies at everyone* w000000 I win! muahahahhaa.

26th August 2004

ilikerum4:28am: *Jumps up, and swings a teddy bear over head*, "Waaaaaaa". *Steps forward to throw at an unsuspecting target and bops self in the face*, " Oooops, er, Ow". *Jumps back up, and looks around to see if anyone sees* "Ha" *Sneaks away quietly*

19th August 2004

ghostnose12:43pm: Members
Wheeeee... this thing finally has members. Arg, I called it a thing when it is actually an abstract concept.

I send out hugs and kisses for all who have been so kind as to join.

*puts on teddy bear suit*
*throws self into other members*
Current Mood: grateful

18th August 2004

ilikerum6:59pm: Giggle
*Sneak, sneak, sneak* "Giggle" *Ducks behind a pile of Teddy Bears*, "Hee, hee, hee" *Jumps up and throws an extra fluffy teddy bear at Ghostnose* "HA Take That!"

13th August 2004

ghostnose4:45pm: First Entry ever
Hmmm... I have to wonder if anybody will join this thi... err... abstract communal conceptualization. No matter.

*stockpiles virtual teddies*

I'm the moderator, by the way.
Current Mood: okay
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