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Teddy Bear Fight


Teddy bear fight
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The community serves as a place to discuss the wonders of teddy bear fights trough stories, tips, and whatever else. It may also be used as a virtual teddy bear fight (ie *throws teddy bear at all the memebers*) but only if some sort of discussion about teddy bear fights accomanies such. In other words just make sure any posts consist of more than just *throws teddy at someone*.

As far as comments go, just follow the golden rule; don't be a dick.

A teddy bear fight, as far as this community is concerned, consists simply of throwing teddy bears at people. I suppose I can expand the definition to include teddybears engaging one another in battle as well. Non bear plushies and stuffies may also be used in much the same way hand grenades are fair game in a gun fight. Pillows, however, are strictly forbidden in much the way WMDs are disallowed from gun fights.
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